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Our GPS software “Pegasus” supports millions of trackers with multiple option. Whether you want manage your own fleet or representing a GPS tracker company for consumer market. We have verity of hardware with includes battery-powered trackers, hard wired trackers and portable trackers that’s simples Plug into your vehicle’s OBD port!



Willing to establish a sales network on professional business model.

Strong sales networking skills within a country.

Highly motivated and skilled sales personnel.

Should have an in depth knowledge of local market and requirements.

Should have basic understanding of fleet tracking, communications, and technology.


The GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution offered by NaxerTech is web based with no software to purchase or maintain.

  • NaxerTech's distributors benefit from the most reliable and advance hardware along with a industry leading software. You concentrate and spend most of the time on selling devices and less time handling customer issues.

  • NaxerTech's fleet management solution is user friendly and high technical skills are not required to understand it

  • NaxerTech solutions are best suited for fleet of all size and provides benefit of protecting asset as well as improved efficiency and productivity. Hence, they can best fit in every business model related to tracking.

  • NaxerTech’s Fleet Tracking feature comprises most of the available options. All automated alerts and reports with hardware components like anti jamming and motion sensor are included in one single unit. This makes the service package simple and easy to understand.
  • Our distributors earn a handsome amount on monthly basis and unlimited earning potential with our international sales model. NaxerTech provides the customization facility in software as per the requirement of your client.