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Setup Your Own Business

The GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution offered by NaxerTech is web based with no software to purchase or maintain.

  • GPS tracking business is becoming more and more common, to the point where most people have it in their cell phones. Because of this popularity, starting a business that specializes in GPS tracking systems is viable -- you can even start the business from home. A Real Time vehicle tracking system allows you to locate a vehicle live by logging on to web portal or specialist software on your PC at any time of the day or night.

  • NaxerTech provides the complete solution by which a company or a person can start its own tracking company anywhere in the world and without huge investments. We are the manufacturers of GPS/GSM based tracking devices and developers of a comprehensive tracking software. NaxerTech allows the clients to effectively control its fleet and maximize the profits. NaxerTech provides the hardware as well as software and develops partnerships and strategic alliances with clients to establish a local operation for security and fleet application.

  • The products operate with unique innovative software for the purpose of providing a vast variety of comprehensive solutions and services for administrative and business applications, as well as safety and security services for the individual user. NaxerTech not only provides wireless devices and software applications but also provide long term support to clients through web application to ensure the smooth operation of your fleet management system.

  • The hardware is manufactured in UK with key emphasis on maintaining the quality of a product. The hardware components have especially been selected by keeping in view the underline and cutting edge technology involved in it’s development. The software servers are based in UK and franchiser/ distributor is provided with a master login account which caters all the needs for setting up a complete vehicle tracking company. For complete information about our products please visit Products page.

  • All you need is to contact us for more details and we’ll guide you through the process. You can make queries at