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Terms Of Use

NaxerTech guarantees to the Customer that the Products purchased will be free from defects for a period of 12 months from delivery unless otherwise stated on the order confirmation. Should the Products be defective within this period, NaxerTech will repair or replace them within a reasonable time using components or replacements that are new, or equivalent to new.

In the case of Products rented from NaxerTech this guarantee will continue for the duration of the Product rental. NaxerTech does not warrant that the Products are fit for any particular purpose, nor that that the Services will be without disruption, nor that any reports, data or information provided as part of the Services will be free from errors, omissions, inaccuracies or nonconformities, and NaxerTech shall have no liability or obligation to the Customer in this respect except as provided hereunder. NaxerTech makes no warranty for the security or integrity of any connection or transmission used in the provision of the Services. NaxerTech shall not be liable for and provides no warranty for any damage caused by the Customer or his representative or any unauthorised 3rd party through incorrect installation, use, modification or repair of the Products, nor for any accident

Privacy Policy

Delivery and Installation

All delivery times and dates are approximate, but NaxerTech shall use its reasonable endeavours to respect them. Time shall not be of the essence, and NaxerTech shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from late delivery or from its failure to respect an appointment for installation. If the Customer delays the installation of any Products beyond 30 days from the date of the first Product installation for that order, NaxerTech shall be entitled to deliver the remaining Products to the Customer’s delivery address and the order shall be deemed to be complete. In the event that installation is carried out by the Customer or a person appointed by the Customer, NaxerTech shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, arising directly or indirectly, as a result of any negligence or failure to follow NaxerTech’s written instructions in installing the Products

Prices and Payment Terms

Prices are only valid if expressed in writing by NaxerTech and only for the quantity of Products and time period stated in its quotation or order confirmation. If not stated, the validity period is 30 days. Unless otherwise stated on NaxerTech’s order confirmation or invoice, payment of all invoiced amounts shall be made within 30 days of the date of invoice or before any due date for payment shown on the invoice. If any payment is not made by the Customer by the due date, NaxerTech reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 4% above the Lloyds TSB base rate until payment is received in full. If it is agreed between the parties that payment is to be made by direct debit, then the Customer agrees to maintain a valid direct debit mandate with NaxerTech. An administration charge of £20 will be made in the case of each failed or cancelled direct debit in addition to interest charges. If the Customer agrees to lease or hire the Products from a third party such as a finance company, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all lease or hire agreements, payment guarantees, acceptance notes and initial payments are completed satisfactorily within 7 days of delivery. If the Customer fails to comply with this requirement or the 3rd party fails to pay NaxerTech within 30 days from delivery then NaxerTech shall invoice the Customer directly for the Products at its published prices and such invoice shall be payable by the Customer within 7 days.