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what we offer


GPS Fleet Management

Our GPS software “Pegasus” supports millions of trackers with multiple options. Whether you want to manage your own fleet or represent a GPS tracker company for consumer market. We have variety of hardware with includes battery-powered trackers, hard wired trackers and portable trackers that are simple to plug into your vehicle.


GPS Vehicle Tracking

Instantly locate your vehicle on Laptop / Mobile via online browsers, iOS or Android app and receive location and speed alerts and much more via simple text.


GPS Asset Tracking

Our GPS Asset Tracker helps monitor containers, trailers, equipment and more to improve your asset's efficiency & security. Request a quote today!

About Us

NaxerTech was established in 2008. The company designs, develops and manufactures wireless telemetric products for personal vehicles and corporate fleet Management. NaxerTech always emphasizes on development of products which are innovative and user friendly.

NaxerTech Limited is a UK based leading manufacturer of GPS telemetric and tracking products. Founded by vehicle tracking and software industry specialists, we develop best of the breed vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions for small and large scale organizations. NaxerTech invests a great deal of time and money on the state of the art R&D setup in Europe where team of expert engineers work to maintain quality and continuously bring improvements. The products are manufactured as per European standards and keeping in view the high demanding market.

Ideal for vehicle Tracking Service providers - vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions are ideal for a commercial vehicle tracking service provider where reliability and scalability are the main concerns. Vehicle tracking business has a great potential but finding a standard yet affordable branded solution is not easy. Here, NaxerTech is the first choice to start your tracking business or induct the easy to integrate device in your existing system. We assure your peace of mind and ease of businesses as easy as 1,2,3.

NaxerTech solutions are best suited for fleet of all size and provides benefit of protecting asset as well as improved efficiency and productivity. Hence, they can best fit in every business model related to tracking.